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Show, Don't Tell

 Lili Allure, legendary burlesque artiste, has left behind her East End childhood and difficult mother. Busy bathing in giant champagne glasses and designing her own glamorous routines, she hasn’t seen her family in years.

But when her mother dies, the curtain is raised on Lili’s past. Viv’s last words were of secrets and mysterious yellow letters – and a Victorian scandal that has cast a shadow over the family for generations.

As Lili hunts for the yellow letters, she begins to see and hear things that can’t be real. It almost feels like Viv is haunting her. Is grief making Lili lose her grip on reality? Or are her family secrets more sinister than she ever imagined?

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Glass Geishas

Every girl has her price . . . To Steph, working as a bar hostess in Japan sounds too good to be true.

Friends say she can earn a fortune simply by flirting with drunk businessmen, and there’s no sex involved – honest. Old friends, Julia and Annabel, are earning piles of cash in Tokyo and say hostessing is perfectly safe.

But once in Japan, Steph realises Julia is a shadow of her former self and Annabel has disappeared. No one cares that Annabel’s gone – least of all a troubled and secretive Julia.

As Steph searches for her missing friend, she is lured into gritty, glamorous Roppongi – an exotic world of sex, modern-day geishas and easy money. There she meets Mama San, a charismatic and powerful hostess club owner, who has worked in the shadowy Japanese sex industry all her life and knows everything about pleasing men.

But the longer Steph stays in Tokyo’s sex district, the less finding Annabel seems to matter. Steph soon realises she must discover what’s happened to Annabel, or risk selling a part of herself she’ll never get back.

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