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Writing Tips from Jane Lythell

Creating characters that readers will believe in.

  • I think about what food they would eat, what home they would live in and what single thing they fear most in life. You don’t have to put this in but it will help make them real to you as you write them.

  • Don’t worry if your characters are flawed or have some nasty sides to them. Flawed people are interesting. It doesn’t matter if your readers dislike them or adore them. But it does matter if they don’t believe in them.

The First Draft

  • Your first draft is just that – a first draft. You only get one chance with a publisher so take the time to edit again and again. You need to get your book into as perfect a form as possible before submitting.

  • Show your drafts to people you respect. I asked two close friends and my partner, who is a TV writer, to give me some frank and honest feedback. You can only learn from that and their comments helped me so much.

Where I write

I find it helps me to write standing up! I’ve rigged up my laptop to be the right height and it certainly makes me feel more alert.

Jane loves to hear from readers and is on Twitter: @janelythell and on Facebook: Jane Lythell Author