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We can come to you

The Beach Hut Writers love to get away from their garrets to talk to people about reading, writing and their passion for books. We’re all based in and around Brighton and Hove, but are very happy to consider requests from booksellers, libraries, readers’/writers’ groups and festival organisers all over the country.

All our members are experienced public speakers and interviewees, many with lecturing experience and broadcast backgrounds. Our group includes writers across almost all types of fiction, so drop us an email to find out how we can bring a breath of fresh sea air to your event or meeting.

To help you appreciate what we can do, we’ve put together a few sample events but we can tailor talks and discussions to meet your needs.

We base our fees around the Society of Authors’ guidelines but these fees may vary depending on the distance to travel, the organisation booking us and other factors.

Please contact us directly to discuss what you have in mind.

Sample Events:

Live from the Beach Hut

A panel of our finest writers invite you to an evening of readings, anecdotes and conversation about books, inspiration and what it’s really like to publish a book.

Girls’ Night in the Beach Hut

Our women’s fiction novelists talk life, love and writing. How do you write about sex when your mum might be reading? Where does inspiration come from? And does every book need a happy ending? Stimulating discussion and readings with lots of laughs along the way.

Fear and Loathing in the Beach Hut

Why do readers love to be scared? How do you enter the mindset of a killer? Our novelists have tackled psychological thrillers, international mysteries and even paranormal worlds. Join them for a night of chills.

Writing in the Beach Hut

A workshop or talk for new or experienced writers about ideas, getting that book written and the highs and lows of the publishing process.