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Sarah Rayner

I was born in London; I spent my childhood in Richmond, Surrey and started writing young, illustrating my stories myself. In my teens I became a punk and argued with my parents about whether to go to art school or university; I finally opted for Leeds where I studied English and got chilblains. I returned to London in the late ’80s, flattened my hair and worked in fashion PR for a bit, before my boss (who was uncannily like Eddie from Ab Fab) told me I was better at writing than schmoozing clients, and suggested I become an advertising copywriter. I took the hint, and after ten years in various London agencies, turned freelance, got some short stories published by Woman’s Own, and for many years combined life as an author and copywriter.

My first two novels, The Other Half (Orion 2001) and Getting Even (2002) were well received at the time and translated around Europe, but it was my third novel, One Moment, One Morning (Picador 2010) that made the biggest mark in terms of UK sales. I believe it’s officially a bestseller, as it’s sold 1/4 million copies in the UK.  Suffice it to say I hadn’t expected it to do so well and am still reeling from that two years on – not least as its success means I am now able to pursue fiction writing full time.

My fourth novel, The Two Week Wait (Picador 2012), has just been published in the UK in mass market paperback. I think of it as a ‘sister’ novel to One Moment, rather than a straightforward sequel, as it is a standalone story, but some of the characters from the previous novel are also in this one.

Alongside launching The Two Week Wait and starting to write a fifth novel about my Brighton characters, I spent much of 2012 revising and updating my first two novels, The Other Half and Getting Even for republication by Picador. I’ve slashed and burned a lot of verbiage and they’re available as sparkly new ebooks now.

Oh, and I live in Brighton these days. I’ve been here ten years and I love it. I share a little blue house in Seven Dials with my partner, Tom and not one but three cats. At weekends his son, Sebastian, lives with us too.